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  • 550x285
    3.12 | 21:45

    Carib: David Sanchez (USA)

    The Caribbean, Africa and jazz come together as David Sanchez Returns to Israel. Grammy-Award winning saxophonist Sanchez arrives with a new performance that interweaves the colors and textures of the Caribbean, the rhythms of Africa, and the soul of jazz. Sanchez's musical quest centers on the sounds of Haiti, Carriacou (an island in the Grenadines), and his native Puerto Rico – alongside the West-African drum rhythms of Yuba, Calinda, and Sica. Seen through the eyes of a contemporary jazz musician, Sanchez has said, "I always knew there was a connection between their musical traditions and the music I grew up listening to in Puerto Rico, but the commonalities still amaze me." Sanchez, who had the privilege of playing with Dizzy Gillespie (!), expanded the limits of traditional jazz with Latino and Afro-Caribbean traditions and sounds. The well-known jazz critic Howard Reich saluted Sanchez's talent early on: "technically, tonally and creatively, he seems to have it all. His sound is never less than plush, his pitch is unerring, his rapid-fire playing is ravishing." Sanchez's debut album, "The Departure," gained critical acclaim when it was released in 1995. His following albums were all nominated for Grammy A

  • Yonathan Avishai
    3.12 | 19:30

    Yonathan Avishai (France)

    Israeli pianist Yonathan Avishai creates innovative, minimalist music combined with original traditional elements. Accompanied by Yoni Zelnik (contrabass) and Donald Kontomanou (drums), he arrives in Israel from France following the release of his new album Modern Time, which garnered rave reviews. The prestigious French magazine Citizen Jazz praised "the obvious enjoyment felt by the musicians," and "the intricate, refined, and surprise-filled music, which is simultaneously made astonishingly simple."

  • 550x285
    4.12 | 14:15

    Duchess (USA)

    Amy Cervini, Hilary Gardner and Melissa Stylianou, three virtuoso singers with rare voices, present an original contemporary take on 1930s American swing and jazz music. A performance filled with effortless charm, humor, and new harmonies is based on the classical repertoire of the legendary Boswell Sisters from New Orleans, the Andrews Sister, Peggy Lee, Johnny Mercer, Gershwin, and other jazz legends. Duchess’ first album, released earlier this year under the label "Anzic," garnered rave reviews, with prestigious magazine Downbeat calling the trio "a beacon of jovial esprit."

  • 5503Cohens by Jimmy Katz (Downbeat)
    4.12 | 12:00

    The Three Cohens: Unplugged

    The Israeli jazz family that conquered the world's most prestigious stages is returning to Israel for a single performance. Siblings Yuval, Avishai, and Anat, The 3 Cohens, arrive for an unplugged performance dedicated to their latest album, "Tightrope," released in 2013. The music of this excellent wind-instrument ensemble reflects the album’s title, a spontaneous and risk-filled tightrope act that maintains a delicate melodic balance between listening and playing, integration and separateness. The trio will host the accomplished musicians Yonatan Avishai (piano) and Barak Mori (Contrabass), with whom they have played, as friends and colleagues, for close to three decades. In the early 1990s, Yonatan Avishai played (with Yuval Cohen) at the Eilat Jazz Festival. He later played (with Avishai Cohen) in the legendary ensemble Third World Love, and has performed regularly worldwide with the 3 Cohen Sextet, the group's larger ensemble. At the Jerusalem Jazz Fest

  • Abraxas
    2.12 | 19:30

    Abraxas: The Book of Angels Vol. 19 (USA)

    From the East Village to Jerusalem: Jewish jazz-rock with Moroccan influences. Special Guest Ravid Kahalani joins Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, one of the most unique and intriguing musicians on New York’s jazz scene. Blumenkranz was commissioned to offer his interpretation of John Zorn’s Book, “Masada, Book of Angels,” drawing on his Sephardic roots.

  • 550x285
    2.12 | 21:45

    Tea for Two: Alon Oleartchik & Eli Degibri

    These artists bring you American classics with a twist, based on their "Tea for Two" album. Oleatrchik, one of Israel's most versatile and valued musicians, and Degibri, one of the most prominent and influential jazz musicians in both the local and the international arena, bridge American jazz classics and the Hebrew language. Among the featured songs are "Tea for Two," "Me of All," "They Can't Take That Away From Me," and additional songs translated by Oleartchik into contemporary Hebrew. Degibri produced, adapted, and orchestrated the music with a first-class group of performers. In addition to Oleartchik, the group includes prominent Israeli jazz musicians including Gadi Lahav, Barak Mori, and Evyatar Salibnik. The performance features songs from the new album alongside Oleartchik's 1999 jazz album. Alon Oleartchik: Vocals and translations / Eli Degibri: Saxophones, musical production, adaptation, orchestration of string instruments Guest singer: Paula Walstein