• mayaduniz
    3.12 | 20:00

    Maya Dunietz Plays the Music of Emahoy Tsegue

    Emahoy Tsegue Mariam Guebrou is a Jerusalem legend, a nun ensconced within the walls of the Ethiopian Church. She was first exposed to the Israeli public in 2013, thanks to Dunietz and the Jerusalem Culture Season that initiated the publication of a music-sheet book featuring nine decades of her musical work, alongside the nun's fascinating biography. For the last two years, Dunietz has been performing worldwide with recitals of Emahoy Tsegue's compelling music that moves along the axis between classical Western music and Ethiopian music. Dunietz now brings this magical performance to the Jerusalem Jazz Festival, where she will host Uzi Feinerman (guitar) and the singer Hiwot Mekonnen.

  • 550x285
    2.12 | 20:00

    Edward Simon: Award-winning Pianist

    Edward Simon, the award-winning pianist from Venezuela, is considered one of the best and most highly appreciated artists on the international jazz scene – part of a new, "multilingual" generation of musicians, drawing on classical music, jazz, and Latino music. Simon's musical language deftly manipulates musical traditions, transforming them into a unique musical language. Simon's 1994 debut album, "Beauty Within," was a milestone for the Edward Simon Trio and has been performed on the world's greatest stages. Simon has since founded additional ensembles, including the Edward Simon Quartet, Ensemble Venezuela, and Afinidad. In more than two decades, Simon has recorded 13 albums, all receiving rave reviews, with two listed by the New York Times as one of the top ten jazz albums. A third album, "Unicity," was selected by Downbeat as 2007 Album of the Year. Simon participated as a guest musician in the production of over 50 albums, including the Grammy Award-winning album "Funk Tango" by Paquito D'Rivera. In 2010, Simon joined the all-stars collective SFJAZZ. Their latest album, "Wonders" (2014,) won the prestigious NAACP Prize. Simon's live performance album with John Petucci and Brian Blade was selected by All About Jazz as one of the best albums of 2013. Simon's latest album, "Venezuelan Suite," received four-and-a-half stars from the magazine Downbeat, and was selected as one of the best Latino albums of 2014 by the New York City Jazz Record. Simon's performance in Jerusalem will feature adaptations of Latino composers including Simon Diaz, Violetta Parra, Moisés Simons, and Martin Roj

  • 550x285
    2.12 | 22:00

    The Ziryab Trio

    The Ziryab Trio grew out of the legendary band Bustan Abraham and includes three of the most prominent voices in Israel – Teisir Elias (oud) Nassim Dakwar (violin), and Zohar Fresco (percussion). The trio is named after the gifted musician-singer-composer Harun al-Rashid who performed in the ninth century in Baghdad. The group specializes in the deep study of 19th and 20th century Arabic and Turkish music and the trio's first album revived the pioneering works of great composers such as Riad al-Sonbati, Tambour Jamil Bay, and Mohammed al-Ksabg'i. Elias, Dakwar and Fresco perform in various ensembles in Israel and around the world, but their performance as a trio is rare. Their Jerusalem Jazz Festival performance, against the background of the Museum's collection of Hanukkah lamps, ensures a unique, inspiring and enjoyable experience.