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    Several events

    Munir Hossn (Brazil)

    The virtuoso guitar and electric bass player Munir Hossn has his roots in several cultures: his Lebanese family origins; his native Brazilian state Paraná, with its large multi-racial population; and Salvador, the capital of African-Brazilian culture. His first performance in Israel follows the release of his new album "Made in Nordeste," devoted to the sound of north-eastern Brazil where the encounter between colonial, native and African cultures shaped the contours of Brazilian culture. Hossn presents these roots through the prism of contemporary jazz and the unique music of a virtuoso ensemble featuring five musicians: Luis Guerra (piano), Tuur Moens (drums), João Frade (accordion), Joël Hierrezuelo (percussion). As a child performing onstag

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    4.12 | 13:00

    David Sanchez Quintet (USA)

    Internationally renowned saxophonist David Sanchez has expanded the boundaries of traditional jazz to include the sounds and traditions of Latin and Afro-Caribbean music. Jazz critic Howard Reich recognized Sanchez's talent in his youth, hailing him as a musician with technical and tonal creativity, an artist who has "has everything - his sound is equally plush and accurate and his rapid fire pace is spectacular." Sanchez rose to acclaim in 1995 with his first album, The Departure, which won rave reviews across the spectrum. Subsequent albums were nominated Grammy Awards, and in 2004, after three nominations, he took home the coveted Grammy for his album Coral. Sanchez returns to his Puerto Rican roots with an intimate performance in the Israeli Art Gallery, bringing new creations, mixing tradition, modernity and Latin jazz, improvising and expanding from his 2008 album Cultural Survival album.

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    3.12 | 21:30

    Layerz in the Playground: 360-degree Performance

    The post-rock band LayerZ grew out of the Israeli jazz scene and is inspired by a variety of sources - hip hop, electronic music, modern jazz, and impressionism. Blurring the lines between the seemingly contradictory worlds of rock, jazz, and trance, the ensemble has collaborated with a wide range of musicians such as Marina Maximilian Blumin, Scuzzy, Avishai Cohen, and many others. In honor of the Jerusalem Jazz Festival, LayerZ will host The Playground Collective, featuring five dancers and five musicians, the first event of its kind, performed in the Museum’s Israeli Art gallery, with the audience seated in a 360-degree circle around the performers. Music by LayerZ will combine original compositions and improvisations, and will continue with the gradual inclusion of all ten members of Playground, culminating in a total of 12 performers.

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    3.12 | 19:30

    From the East Village to Jerusalem

    Uniting Jewish jazz-rock with Moroccan influences, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz is one of the most unique and intriguing musicians on New York’s jazz scene. He was commissioned to offer his interpretation of John Zorn’s Book, “Masada, Book of Angels,” drawing on his Sephardic roots. Released under the label "Tzadik," it will be performed for the first time at the Jerusalem Jazz Festival after worldwide performances. An ensemble of four outstanding musicians imbue Zorn's radical Jewish style with an intense, rhythmic, tribal Moroccan vibe guaranteed to appeal to both jazz and rock lovers. Playing a gimbri – a bass-like Moroccan string instrument, Shanir will perform with virtuoso guitar players Eyal Maoz and Aram Bajakian, and drummer Kenny Grohowski. Together they create “ritualistic Jewish Rock for the 21st century”, blending genres and subverting definitions in the best of Zorn’s tradition. Shanir, who was born in Brooklyn in 1975 to parents of Polish and Egyptian origin, experimented with his first instruments - pots, pans, and a three-stringed guitar - at age 2. Since 1999, he has worked on more than 25 releases under the “Tzadik” label, producing and creating adaptations for numerous groups including "The Gathering," "Hope and Destruction," "Blasphemy and Other Serious Crimes," among others.

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    2.12 | 19:30

    The Yuria-Voltzok Quintet

    This talented group of musicians, known as the Yuria-Voltzok Quintet, with deep and abiding connections from their childhood, has led to an intriguing and inspiring journey of musical discovery. The quintet's performance combines familiar pieces from the swing and jazz traditions, alongside original works with "familial" characteristics. Over the past 15 years, the members of this ensemble have performed worldwide. They recorded an unforgettable album with legendary trumpet player Eddie Henderson, and performed regularly with the late pianist and teacher Amit Golan Ensemble members: Yonatan Voltzok (trombone), Yonatan Riklis (piano), Gilad Abro (bass), Asaf Yuria (saxophone), and Yonatan Rosen (drums).