• shapnizki
    4.12 | 12:00

    Beats & Pieces: Matan Chapnizky Trio

    This bass, drums and saxophone trio, a new project initiated by saxophone player Matan Chapnizky with Ran Levi (bass) and Adam Cohen (drums), is influenced by the minimalist simplicity and clear division of roles characteristic of British rock, and by the rhythms and vitality of West African music. Additional influences include Radiohead, trumpet player Avishai Cohen, the Yemen Blues ensemble, and Omer Avital. In New York, Chapnizky was a member of various groups with base player Omer Avital, and was privileged to perform with jazz stars Mark

  • 550x285
    3.12 | 20:30

    Duchess: Vocal Jazz Trio (USA)

    The vocal Jazz Trio from New York in an intimate gallery performance, accompanied by Bass and Piano. Amy Cervini, Hilary Gardner and Melissa Stylianou, three virtuoso singers with rare voices, present an original contemporary take on 1930s American swing and jazz music. A performance filled with effortless charm, humor, and new harmonies is based on the classical repertoire of the legendary Boswell Sisters from New Orleans, the Andrews

  • plaistow-cover
    Several events

    Plaistow (Switzerland)

    Plaistow fuses different and unexpected musical worlds to create a minimalist acoustic groove. This trio's creative process involves the use of electronic instruments ranging from drum machines to samplers that are gradually replaced by acoustic instruments – resulting in a language where human maintains a dialogue with machine, ingeniously challenging stylistic divisions. “No mathematics, no complicated array of notes. It’s not conceptual.” Established in 2007, the trio’s music is influenced by electronic music prodigies such as Plastikman and Squarepusher, avant-garde composers Steve Reich and Philip Glass, Jamaican dub producer Mad Professor, Palestinian oud player Nizar Rohana, classical composer Berlioz, and many others

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  • joca
    2.12 | 22:30

    Joca Group

    Four musicians led by percussionist and singer Joca Perpignan combine Brazilian popular music with influences from around the globe – samba, baião, maracatu, and bossa nova as well as sounds from West Africa, Morocco, the USA and the Middle East. In addition to Perpignan, Joca Group members include Rony Iwryn (percussion and vocals), Mark Kakon (guitar, oud, and vocals) and Yorai Oron (bass). Joca Perpignan was born in Rio de Janeiro, and immigrated to Israel in 1987. He is a founding member of the Tucan Trio, and a regular participant in the Idan Raichel Project. He teaches rhythm to the Mayumana group and has collaborated with well known Israeli artists including Matti Caspi, Yoni Rechter, Mira Awad, Din Din Aviv, and the legendary Brazilian percussionist Naná Vasconcelos. His album "Manco Balanco" was listed by Haaretz as one of the ten best albums of 2014.

  • 550x285
    2.12 | 20:30

    Exhaust: Assif Tsahar

    A fascinating encounter between three musicians working at different ends of the Israeli music scene – Assif Tsahar (tenor saxophone and mbira), Igor Krotogolov (electric bass) and Hagai Fershtman (drums). For more than two decades, Tsahar, one of the first free-jazz musicians in Israel, has performed and recorded with this style's best musicians – including William Parker, Rashied Ali, and Hamid Drake. Igor Krotogolov, who founded the ensembles Kruzenshtern I Parohod and the Toy Orchestra, is undoubtedly one of the most unique artists on the alternative music scene. The third side of this trio, the sought-after drummer Hagai Fershtman, works with a wide range of artists including Asaf Avidan, Riff Cohen and Avishai Cohen. The ensemble has released two albums under the label Auris Media, combining free improvisation and jazz with metal, punk, and ambient noise, expanding the limits of the jazz-saxophone-trio genre.