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    Playground: Music and Dance Come Together

    We invite you to participate in a unique experience as ten acclaimed dancers and musicians wander and jam through the Museum’s “A Brief History of Humankind” Gallery. "Playground" is a performance based on the chemistry and spontaneous communication between five musicians and five dancers. The musicians combine textures, melodies and rhythms inspired by jazz, avant-garde, rock, cabaret, and electronic music, while dancers create a real-time choreography that unites influences from the fields of modern dance, contact improvisation, theater, and free-style. Musicians and dancers are constantly interacting, planned and improvised, giving rise to a sophisticated dialogue whose multiple participants form a rich interwoven patterns of movement and sound. The Playground Collective was founded in 2011 by dancer Inbal Shahar and musicians Arthur Krasnobaev and Itamar Gross. They have regularly perform in the Tel Aviv club, “The Zone,” constantly creating and garnering increased attention from Israeli dance and music aficionados.