• 550x285
    4.12 | 13:00

    Ofer Ganor Trio

    This new ensemble features Ofer Ganor (guitar), his twin brother Eyal Ganor (contrabass), and Jess Koren (saxophone). Together, they take familiar classics on a tour of the jazz world, with its numerous styles and approaches. Ofer studied, recorded, and played with legendary jazz musicians Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, James Moody, and others. His brother Eyal, an accomplished contrabass player inspired by both classical music and jazz, has played in classical orchestras worldwide, including the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, the Singapore Symphony, the Jerusalem Symphony, and the Tel Aviv Soloists. The two brothers are joined by the eminent jazz musician Jess Koren, who first arrived in Israel with his saxophone in 1967, becoming an integral part of the Tel Aviv jazz scene and the legendary Barbarim Club. His deep, velvety, highly creative music resonates with the influences of Dexter Gordon, Clifford Jordan, and other jazz legends with whom he has played over the years.

  • שורלה550
    4.12 | 14:30

    CHOROLE: The Israeli Choro Ensemble

    Traditional Brazilian choro was developed earlier than samba and bossa nova and is considered an encounter point between classical melodies and Afro-Brazilian rhythms. In recent years, choro has grown increasingly popular and is currently invading the streets and clubs of Brazil, slowly making its way to Israel. This unique ensemble, the fruit of a collaboration between Israeli and Brazilian musicians, specializes in the choro music of Rio de Janeiro. Their unique sound combines traditional choro with jazz, ethnic influences, and Israeli music. Group members play unique instruments such as the pandeiro (hand-held drum), a 7-string guitar (Sete), and a four-string guitar (cavaquinho). The ensemble, which has been performing since 2008 in clubs and at festivals in Israel and abroad, and has collaborated with artists including Alon Oleartchik, Roni Dalumi, Anat Cohen and Ginga (Brazil).